In the Todgha’s intimacy

La palmeraie

The Todgha (also written Toudra, following the Arabic pronunciation) river offers to the lands surrounding it the opportunity to shelter life.


Palm groves flourish following the water in desert lands. People living there know how to manage herds and grow cereals and vegetables in the shade of the palm trees. Colors are so surprising since from red earth emerges a shiny green oasis, full of life!

Toudgha el Oulia, un havre de paix dans les montagnes

Toudgha el Oulia, la rivière

Our guide took us to his village, Toudgha el Oulia. People were working in the fields, a large variety of plants seemed to grow despite of the warmness!

Toudgha el Oulia

Dans les rues de Toudgha el Oulia

Nomad families recently got a better access to education for their children. Since during the warm season the nomad families bring their herds to the greenest fields in the mountains, during the cold months they now live in the valleys. Children can then access to regular schools in the villages.

Un âne

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