A journey starts when you make the decision to leave, but for me, it’s when you see the lands below you that you realize you are actually leaving! At this point, I get kind of babyish, laughting irrepressibly and smiling all tooth out. I feel lucky and glad as a king on a throne, as I am actually leaving! I do think it is kind of a tip: smiling and laughting helps taking things even more positively, and when you go on a trip, you better enjoy it as much as possible 😉

Allthough I do not applause when we land, the man is doing his job and I don’t applause when a Taxi driver brings me to a place either…



Si mon réflex me suit partout, c'est que je pense qu'à l'origine de toute création il y a un moment, un contexte, parfois une rencontre. J'aime la photo en général, les portraits, la photo de rue et les compositions minimalistes.

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